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Families cover up as rain hits North Devon
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A Summer Like No Other

Posted By Michael Collins on Thu 31st Aug 2023 7:49am | READ TIME: 2 minute(s) Approx.

Hey everyone, can we talk about how wild August was for us? I mean, seriously, what a month!

Before diving into the downpour of events, we had a high note in July that's worth mentioning. We'd just wrapped up filming a live play called "Treasure Island" for Stagecoach North Devon. It was a fantastic showcase of talent, and a real joy to capture the hard work put in by all the young performers and their families.

Then August rolled in, and it didn't kick off on the best note for us. We were diving into a series of projects, starting with an exciting outdoor event in beautiful North Devon. We were pumped and ready to roll. But then the rain hit, and it hit hard. Even our top-of-the-range gear had to tap out. It was the first time in our history that we couldn't complete a film, and that hurt. But we're not throwing in the towel; we're working closely with our client to figure out our next steps.

And just as we thought we were past the worst of it, another curveball: Katie and I caught Covid. We'd managed to avoid it for three long years, and then it caught us. We had to put everything on hold and take care of ourselves.

Despite these setbacks, we've kept busy improving our website and customer portal. We're always looking for ways to make your experience with us better.

You know, life has its ups and downs, and August was a tough lesson in dealing with the unexpected. Having always prided ourselves on seeing projects through to completion, and this hit us especially hard being the first project what we failed to complete due to factors beyond our control.

So, where are we now? We've caught up on all the work that had to be paused while we were out of action, and we're all set for what's coming next.

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