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Michael takes a Break from Filming at the North Devon Show to Pet a Cow - Filming at the North Devon Show 2022
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We're at the North Devon Show!

Posted By Michael Collins on Wed 3rd Aug 2022 1:12pm | READ TIME: 1 minute(s) Approx.

We're at The North Devon Show!

It is a very, very, warm day here at the North Devon Show, but what a day it has been so far. I even found time to take a quick break to pet some of the cows, and what magnificent beasts they are.

It has been a fantastic day so far and we're just taking a short break to swap batteries and have some lunch. I have to say that both Katie and I are really pleased that Rebel Boy Media has been chosen as the official filmmakers for the show and it's good to see the world returning to normal.

Everyone is having a really good time and there must be at least 25,000 people here. The only downside so far is that it did take a while to get into the show, but the marshals did a fantastic job and we're here now and really enjoying the day.

That's it for now as we best press on and get back to filming. There will be video and photos to follow.

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