SERVICE STATUS UPDATE: Coronavirus - Updates are being posted here

Service Update: Coronavirus

UPDATED: 18 MAY 2020 @ 11:55am

At present, Rebel Boy Media UK is adopting a business as usual approach for our web services, as well as our office based video/photography editing and production services.

However, the current outbreak of Coronavirus Covid-19 requires us all to behave responsibly to reduce risks around potential spread of the virus. It is for this reason that all projects involving on location filming or photography have been suspended until further notice.

Web Hosting Platform / Web Design Clients

We're already prepared for keeping our services up and running without disruption. We are also working with suppliers, such as telecoms and data centre providers, to ensure that we're prepared for the worst and that our business conitnuity plan is up to date.

Video and Photography (Editing and Production)

As you can imagine, we use a lot of data - around 20TB - and we rely on our tech partners to provide server space, data security, backup and archiving. Whilst we work remotely, we will heavily rely on this service, as well as our fibre internet connections to it.

We also use a secure, encrypted internet data connection to access our data centres to ensure our systems are as safe and secure as they can be, so we're relying on a lot of services that may be under additional strain during this difficult time, espcially with regards to our data connection.

We've reached out to our partners to ensure that a clear plan is in place to counter any issues that may arise and we will continue to work with them to minimise any reduction in service.

Currently, our on site video and photography services are suspended and we're currently viewing that situation.

Web Hosting Clients

If you are a web hosting customer of Rebel Boy Media and you use our Website Management Service, please contact us if you need to warn clients of potential changes to your business availability.

Our hosting platform is currently running as expected. At this time, we have no reason to believe that this won't continue to be the case.

More information on the coronavirus can be found on the Governments website -

Updates: This page will be reviewed regularly as the situationd develops.

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