Frequently Asked Questions

We try to keep this updated as much as possible, but if you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us and we will do everything we can to help.

Costs for our filming services vary from job to job and depend on your specific requirements. To produce a quote, we need to know what is required. For example: How long will we be required to film? Is a voiceover artist required? Is travelling involved? How much editing will be needed?

There are so many possibilities when it comes to film, that we need to have a clear understanding of your aims, goals and your budget. As there are potentially limitless options in video production, giving us a budget to work with when providing your quote is essential. This does not influence the fees charged, however, it does allow us to give you a range of options that fall within your budget. You can then pick and choose the options that are right for you.

Please complete our quote request form online. You will not be added to any marketing list and your data will remain safe. If you decide not to proceed, we're happy to delete your information.

We have a dedicated page for special offers, and we post updates frequently when there are offers available. For all the latest deals and offers, please visit our dedicated special offers page.

The short answer is yes. We're happy to provide discounts to charities and consider each application for a discount on an individual basis.

If an application for a charity discount is accepted, that discount will range from 5% to 100%, but please note that this is typically limited and does not usually include additional costs, such as equipment hire, actors, voice-over artists, travel expenses and so on.

Rebel Boy Media is set up to handle anything from the smallest job right through to productions spanning months. Whether is it a website banner video of 20 seconds or a feature length documentary, we can help.

If it can be captured on film, we can do it.

You can find more details on what we are able to offer on our services page. Take a look through our services and contact us with any questions.

We certainly can.

Subject to the work required, if you need a media partner we may be able to provide a loyalty discount.


The jobs we receive can be from a variety of clients for a range of different projects and needs. When considering a new job, we assess our ability to provide the professional results for the job required, and that we can do so in a way that meets with our high standards.

The client must be over 18 and be able to enter into a legally binding contract for either themselves or for the organisation they are representing. Other than that, we're happy to get on a complete the job required, regardless of whether it is for a private or commercial client.

Yes. As a business, we are politically neutral. We are here to assist our clients in getting the best video content possible. Working for or with anyone in politics is in no way an indication of support - we produce videos, that's it.

Our standard office hours, as in, our typical hours of availability in the office, is 8:30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, and 8:30am to 1pm, Saturday. However, we're able to work on projects no matter the time. We've worked on a documentary that required filming from Devon to London that took just over 24 continuous hours in one long shoot.

Generally, all of the UK. We are based in Devon and therefore most of our work is in Devon and Cornwall, but we don't mind where we work. We can also work abroad.

With Rebel Boy Media, that's not going to be something you will need to worry about. We offer a comprehensive service no matter what your needs are. By hiring us, you are getting access to a wealth of knowledge and experience. From planning and script writing to editing and post-production, we can handle every aspect of your filming project. We also have the expertise in-house to help support you getting your content online if needed.

The best place to start is getting in contact with us so we can discuss your project and see what we can do to help. We offer a free, no obligation quote with no pushy sales tactics. You can also start your free online quote here.

We have built our website to be as interactive as possible. You can request a quote online here. Once your quote is prepared, you will get an E-mail update and it can also be viewed online. If you are happy to proceed with your quote, you can sign it and accept our T&Cs directly through your online account, which you can set up online for free.

Yes! Regardless of what business you run, if you need a media partner to produce video or photography content for clients, we can absolutely do this. Please contact us to see how we can help and to discuss our rates for a partners.

The specific equipment used depends on the project, but we only ever use professional grade filming and photography equipment. Our cameras are TV broadcast quality, shooting in FULL 4K RAW and 5.5K RAW. Our photo cameras are also the same standard. In 2020, all photography and filming equipment, and our editing workingstations, were upgraded to industry leading equipment.

Our editing workstations are not only hand picked for the best of the best, but we also build them in-house. Our systems use AMD Ryzen Threadrippers with 24 and 32 core processors, designed for the world’s fastest ultra-premium desktop systems.

No matter how much you are spending with us, our equipment remains the same. We insist on the highest standards in the industry, no matter what job we are working on. Whatever your project, you will be getting the best.

This really depends on our current bookings.

We would recommend approaching us as soon as possible if you need specific dates. If we're available for the date you need us, we will take your deposit and secure your booking.

Subject to our booking diary, we are set up to be available immediately. Our equipment is kept ready and prepared for the next available job, as are our company vehicles.

Please contact with us so we can discuss possible dates and ensure we are going to be available.

Yes and no - mainly no.

In early 2021 we discontinued our custom-build web design service. However, for clients registered before May 2021, you will still receive web design and hosting services to the same high standard that you have come to expect from us. We have no intentions of closing this service to customers active before this date but we are no longer accepting any new web design orders.

For clients that continue to have their domain names and hosting accounts with us, please be aware that if your hosting or domain name expires, we will not be able to renew it.

The short answer is no, we don't.

The longer answer is we do maintain our own high-end dedicated servers for our website and we are keeping our hosting servers active for hosting customers registered before May 2021, but are not accepting any new orders for our web hosting platform.

However, we may, from time to time, provide either our web design skills or our hosting platform (or both), to clients if this is absolutely needed. Alternatively, if we have another provider we can recommend you to, we will do so.

This question has been updated more times than we care to remember, especially with the changes in the law, advice, and guidance. And now Monkeypox? Jeez.

When Covid hit we set up a dedicated page to keep you informed of our position regarding COVID19 as it was a struggle to keep this question updated properly with the number of changes being made to the law and guidance.

This is where you can view our dedicated COVID-19 page (and updates on any new world-ending viruses).

The short answer is no, and there has never been a situation in the past were we have had to reject an order.

The long answer is just common sense. Our concern is more with the activities of the filmed content rather than the rules and regulations of the broadcast of such content, as you are responsible for the releasing and publication of it.

However, there are some content types that we do not provide services for, and this should be fairly obvious. For example: pornography, terror/extremism, criminal activity, or content that could damage the reputation of Rebel Boy Media.

As far as offensive content is concerned, we recommend raising this with us at the earliest opportunity, preferably or initial contact.

Employees at Rebel Boy Media are required to pass a DBS and background check.

When working with children or vulnerable adults, the clients remains responsible for ensuring that they have the appropriate staff available to manage and supervise any such participants. The client must also ensure that appropriate permission has been obtained for photos and video to be taken.

All client data, including any video and photography content caputred throughout the project, is stored securely on our server using AES-256 encryption standards. This is used in most modern encryption algorithms, protocols and technologies. Our IT systems are maintained internally by our own team. No third party access is granted to our clients data. Data is stored on our own servers and is encrypted whilst in transit and at rest.


Unlike most websites, ours is not static. Our website is custom-built by us in-house - line by line. Hosted on our own dedicated servers, we post frequent updates to our content and carry out regular maintenance on our website and related software. We ensure our content is fresh, current, and up to date, and we will post additional content on our FAQs as we have it.

You may also be interested in our news section - that's where we post updates about what we are doing and any other company news. You may also like our blogs and vlogs.

That's it for now. We hope we were able to address some of the most frequent questions, but if not, we love to chat so do get in contact.

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