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Katie Collins packs up filming equipment at the end of a long day filming for Stagecoach Performing Arts North Devon
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....and cut! Filming of Stagecoach North Devon's Music Videos Completed by Rebel Boy Media

Posted By Media Team @ Rebel Boy Media on Saturday, 3rd December 2022 at 7:30pm | Read Time: 2 Minutes approx.

Filming music videos with young children can be challenging, but we were fortunate to work with Lynne Malone, a professional choreographer from Stagecoach North Devon, who brought a level of energy and passion to the project that we've never seen before. Despite the tight deadlines, we were able to complete all the required filming for both music videos.

The children who participated in the shoot had a great time, and we didn't encounter any issues during multiple takes for each scene. Once we returned to the office, we immediately backed up the more than 200GB of files we had accumulated over the course of the day. Michael was particularly pleased to finally unload the equipment and call it a day, having been running around with a 3-4KG stabilizer for most of the shoot.

And that's a wrap!

Stagecoach North Devon posted on their official Facebook page, expressing their gratitude for the team's work on the project.

"That's a wrap! Main Stages where [sic] INCREDIBLE yesterday filming their 80s Music Video!!!! What an awesome bunch you all our [sic]!! We had so much fun and the footage looks amazing! Go team!! 'Rebel Boy Media (it) was so awesome to have you with us! (And our Lynne is amazing if we do say so ourselves!). Real pleasure to work with you."

Now, it's up to us to edit and produce the two videos, and we're excited to complete this project. We're also thrilled to continue our partnership with Stagecoach North Devon in the future.

If you're interested in learning more about Stagecoach North Devon and the amazing work they do, visit them online at or follow them on Facebook at

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