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Stagecoach North Devon Project Enters Post-Production with Rebel Boy Media

Posted By Media Team @ Rebel Boy Media on Thursday, 27th July 2023 at 5:27pm | Read Time: 1 Minute approx.

We're excited to announce that the filming stage for Stagecoach North Devon's live performance of "Treasure Island" has wrapped up successfully, and we've now moved into the post-production phase.

Having previously collaborated with Stagecoach North Devon in December 2022, this marks another milestone in our growing partnership. This live performance presented unique challenges, from lighting to capturing live audio, and we're thrilled to have navigated these to deliver a product we're proud of.

The performance, open to parents and geared to showcase the talents of Stagecoach's young performers, took place at Petroc in Barnstaple. We’re excited to work on crafting an engaging and dynamic video that does justice to the hard work and talent of all participants.

Stay tuned as we work diligently in the editing room to create a final product that captures the swashbuckling adventures of this riveting play. Updates on the completion of this project will be limited, as we focus on delivering a product that meets our high standards and the expectations of Stagecoach North Devon.

To learn more about Stagecoach North Devon and the remarkable work they do, visit their website, or follow them on Facebook

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