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Our Home Page Gets a Design Update

Posted By Media Team @ Rebel Boy Media on Thu 6th May 2021 19:27pm

As of 5pm today, Thursday 6 May 2021, our home page received an update with regards to the design. This update is part of a bigger update to our website, including our online MyAccount service.

We're always looking to keep our website fresh and up to date, and we will be posting further updates in the coming weeks.

One area we are keen to get started is our vlogs and behind the scenes content. This always seems to be popular on social media, so we are certainly going to be posting such content on our website.

One of our directors, Michael Collins, is going to be posting some updates on our blog pages, too.

If you are a registered customer and would like to give us any feedback on our website or how our MyAccount service runs, please log in and create a support ticket.

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