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Book of Poems
A book of Poems - World Poetry Day 2023

World Poetry Day 2023

Posted By Media Team @ Rebel Boy Media on Tuesday, 21st March 2023 at 9:17am | Read Time: 1 Minute approx.

Diving into rhymes on World Poetry Day: Rebel Boy Media's witty wordplay!

Ahem Cough *Clears throat*

On World Poetry Day, let's raise a cheer,
For Rebel Boy Media, Devon's premiere.
From rolling hills to coastal scenes,
We capture life in vibrant dreams.

With Michael and Katie at the helm,
Their artistry, a visual realm.
They shoot, they edit, and create,
A dance of light, and stories innate.

Rebel Boy Media, where dreams take flight,
In the heart of Devon, our team's delight.
With witty charm, our stories unwind,
Each frame, each moment, uniquely designed.

Collins duo, a creative force,
Their passion and skill, our company's source.
From concept to screen, they see it through,
Breathing life into tales, both old and new.

So gather 'round, dear friends and kin,
As we toast this day, let the rhymes begin.
With Michael and Katie, we stand as one,
Creating magic, for everyone.

On this World Poetry Day, a tribute we pay,
To the Collins, our guides, through the cinematic fray.
With pride in our hearts and a grin on our face,
We're Rebel Boy Media, in video's embrace.

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