Fighting for Healthcare: The Story Behind SOHS

Creating a Powerful Campaign Film to Protect Essential Health Services

Written by Michael Collins for Rebel Boy Media | Monday, 20th March 2023 at 3:55pm

In the picturesque region of Devon, a passionate group of individuals is tirelessly working to protect their community's essential health services. Devon Save Our Hospital Services is a cross-party campaign group dedicated to raising awareness about the detrimental impact of government cuts on the National Health Service (NHS) in Devon. Recognising the power of visual storytelling to amplify their message, the group commissioned Rebel Boy Media to create a compelling campaign film that would bring their concerns to the forefront.

Directed by Michael Collins of Rebel Boy Media, the film aimed to shed light on the government's "Care Closer to Home" policy, which the group believed was failing the people of Devon. With a staggering 71% reduction in community hospital beds since 2013, Save Our Hospital Services sought to demonstrate the consequences of such drastic cuts on the local population. Through the medium of film, they hoped to inform and mobilise the community to stand up against these policy changes.

The resulting campaign film was a resounding success, capturing the attention of major TV news outlets such as ITV and the BBC, as well as numerous local newspapers. As a result, the group's message reached a wider audience, igniting important conversations about the state of healthcare in Devon and the future of the NHS.

Devon Save Our Hospital Services is driven by the belief that good health is invaluable and should not be compromised by budget cuts or corporate interests. Their campaign is a powerful reminder that, as citizens, we must advocate for the standard of care we deserve in a developed nation like ours. By joining forces with Rebel Boy Media, they have effectively harnessed the power of visual storytelling to bring their mission to life.

As a media production company, Rebel Boy Media is proud to have played a role in amplifying the voices of this dedicated group. We remain committed to creating thought-provoking content that can inspire change, and we look forward to future collaborations with organisations like Devon Save Our Hospital Services to continue making a difference in our community.

Interested in Learning more About SOHS? Find out more about SOHS Devon Campaign.

Comments by the Client:

Excellent communication with Michael Collins. Diligent and supremely patient in his approach to making our campaigning films. Twice in the case of the Save Our Hospital Services Devon Campaign.

Michael has also advised us and used his skills and experience as a filmmaker to help shape the films. Most importantly though is the regular and always good-humoured communication to ensure satisfaction.

Thank you Michael

- David Clinch, Save Our Hospital Services - Devon Campaign

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