Filming in Torrington, Devon

Our Video Production & Photography Services

Video and Photography from Rebel Boy Media is not an "add-on service" - It's what we do!

We've worked on a number of projects over the years, from music festivals to serious documentaries. We have filmed in places such as the Plough Arts Centre, Torrington, to iconic venues such as The Dublin Castle, Camden. Our film about Landspeeder was even listed and shown at the cinema in the Plough Arts Centre.

The World’s Fastest Ultra-Premium Desktop Editing Systems

We are pasionate about film and we aim to reflect that in all of our work. We also love tech, which is why you will find industry-leading equipment at Rebel Boy Media. Our editing workstations are not just custom built - we built them. Quality is important to us, so whether it's filming equipment, mixing desks, PCs, or mics, we hand pick the best of the best, and that's why our editing work stations use AMD Ryzen Threadrippers with 24 and 32 core processors, designed for the world’s fastest ultra-premium desktop systems.

TV & Film UHD 4K Broadcast Quality

To match this new advanced technology, in July 2020 we upgraded our cameras, both for photography and film. To maximise our filming possibilities and achieve the highest standards available in the industry, we invested in UHD 4K broadcast quality cameras supplied by Canon.

One of the biggest strains on equipment is rendering video, especially when you are dealing with high-end broadcast equipment. But with our combination of hand picked tech, not only can we produce high-end UHD 4K film for the most demanding projects, but we can produce content quicker than ever. Our systems even allow us to edit full 4K film at maximum playback resolution on the timeline on 28" 4K monitors.

The equipment used to edit and render videos may not be of interest to the client, but when you're paying for that time, it becomes immediately clear why you would want that time used efficiently, and not wasted through the use of slow or old PCs and laptops.

Project Management

Once your content is captured, it is taken back to the office and loaded onto our encrypted, ultra-fast office network, meaning our staff have shared access to files, timeline files, and project management documents. This allows our work flow to be quick and efficient. We also use a variety of software for project management, including our own in-house, custom-built software.

Our Services:


  • Private Functions
  • Live Music & Festivals
  • Weddings
  • Product Photography
  • Housing Rental/Sales
  • Stock Libraries
  • Social Media Photos
  • Drone Photography
  • Press Photography
  • Website Images
  • Staff / Profile Images


  • Private functions
  • Live Music & Festivals
  • Documentaries
  • Business Promotional Ads
  • Stock Libraries
  • Business Website Videos
  • Facebook Videos/Facebook Headers
  • Promo Videos
  • YouTube Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Branded Videos
  • Customer Testimonials
  • HD & 4K Drone Videos*
  • Fully Licensed Music


  • Music Festivals
  • Musicians
  • Businesses - Big and Small
  • Estate Agents
  • Hotels
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Theme Parks
  • Local Authority
  • Groups and Clubs
  • Charities (Discounts May Be Available)
  • ...and so many more

Content Made for Sharing

Before your video is produced, we will discuss how your video is going to be used, as different platforms have different requirements. This is an area in which we are experienced in. To help you get the most exposure for your video and the best value for your money, we can edit and produce videos - or even the same video - in a variety of formats and aspect ratios. Whether you need it for your website, YouTube, social media platforms, or all of those, we are able to meet the demands of your specific needs and today's technology. Additionally, with an experienced in-house web designer, we have the technical knowledge available to support you in getting your content online, no matter which platform you chose.

Being able to produce content for a variety of platforms and social media websites can be demanding. It requires a skilled editor who can quickly reproduce the same content - or a variety of content - for different platforms, and this is another area where we shine. Once the main editor has produced the final copy, our social media video editor gets to work immediately, optimising your content to meet the demands of your chosen platform.

More than Just Film

Being able to produce high-quality film is just the start.

We can also provide:

  • Full Production Planning
  • Voice-over Artists
  • Script Writing Support
  • Lighting
  • Music
  • Graphics
  • Colour Correction
  • Colour Grading
  • Editing

We can provide everything you need to get your project completed. We also have the technical knowledge required to get your production online. As experienced web designers, we also have the technical knowledge equired to help and support you in getting your content online, no matter what platform you choose.

Colour Correction and Colour Grading

To achieve a certain feel or look on the film, many videographers purchase a range of LUTs to colour grade their footage. At Rebel Boy Media, we don't buy or download LUTs: we make them! Everything we do, including colour grading and correction, is done according to your specific requirements.

Location, location, location

Although we primarily work in Devon and Cornwall, we're available to work throughout the UK.

If it can be captured on film, we can do it! And it's for these reasons - and plenty more - that choosing Rebel Boy Media for your next project is a must.

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