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Is this the end of Facebook header videos?

Posted By Media Team @ Rebel Boy Media on Thu 29th Apr 2021 17:45pm

If you manage a Facebook page and use a header video, you may have recently noticed that this has stopped working and has been replaced with a single frame from the video. Additionally, the option to upload a video header or select a new video for the header has disappeared.

A quick Google search does not reveal why and there appears to be no information coming from Facebook as to why this may be.

We discovered that the only way to upload a video to your header is to use the Facebook Business Suite.

When you load up and select your page, you will see the option 'more tools' on the left of the page. Once you have clicked on this, you will 'view page', and this will take you to an older version of your page where you will find the option to upload or select a video has returned to your header.

The bad news is: this will not work. Although you are able to select a video and even upload a new one, only a screenshot of the video will display.

Various forums are filling up with users desperate to find a solution, however, it appears - for now at least - that Facebook header videos are no more.

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